The Battaglio Group is a complex suite of companies, united by strong values and  a definite stamp.
Values that can be read like a watermark in the daily activities of a business enterprise that for over forty years has been working with transparency, reliability and professionalism in the fruit market.
BATTAGLIO GESTIONI is the holding company of the group that holds and manages the strategic shareholdings.
BATTAGLIO selects, imports and distributes a vast array of fruit with a particular specialisation in bananas and pineapples.
DI DONNA Trade operates in various areas of the Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria regions, growing and marketing over 20,000 tons of grapes, citrus fruits and apricots each year; the company can boast the ownership of 300 hectares of farms for the cultivation of grapes and 50 hectares for citrus fruits.
COSUR, with its head office in Rosario in Argentina, every year processes 14,000 tonnes of fruit for export to Italy, and Europe with particular attention to the development of Eastern Europe.
AGRICOLA DONCAMILLO produces almost  24,000 tonnes  of melons and watermelons cultivated by about 50 producers who work according to the principles of integrated pest management.